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  • jaidheesh

    September 18, 2021 at 5:47 PM

    In our daily lives with everything happening at a rapid pace, more people are substituting their main meals with junk-based foods. The advantage of this trend certainly does not outweigh the disadvantages as consuming fast foods daily causes health problems and affects society as a whole.

    Although these junk foods taste delicious and can be prepared quickly than conventional food, they are very dangerous to the person who eats such kinds of food regularly. This is because such foods are high in saturated fats which get settled and stored in the body causing obesity in people. Moreover, such foods are usually deep-fried and once eaten can cause the body to produce a toxic substance called cholesterol. Cholesterol causes blockage of arteries which makes people more susceptible to heart attacks. It is seen more people die at a very young age whose diet consists of mainly fast food.

    Everyone even children are addicted to these kinds of food and this is causing an alarming concern for the health of our future generation. Fast food consists of processed food high in sugar and fats and does not provide any nutritional value to the person consuming it. Had the person had eaten a balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals needed for sustenance, his immunity would be stronger and would be more resilient to diseases. More often people look at satisfying their taste buds and this craving makes them addicted to junk food. This trend can also put a strain on the healthcare system of the country as a lot of money is used up in treating diseases that could be avoided.

    To conclude, if junk food is replaced with healthier food options, then the overall health of the person will be better. Less money will be spent on treating preventable diseases and the healthcare system can function properly and efficiently.

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