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  • Sai krishna

    September 19, 2021 at 5:24 PM

    The growth of tourism has resulted the English language as one of significant languages in the world. Few think that this circumstance might lead this to be the only medium to communicate in the near future. This essay will be emphasizing on the benefits and the drawbacks on having a single language spoken throughout the world.

    The main advantage of English being the only language in the world would make it easier to communicate with others. One can easily understand others feelings and perceptions leading us to empathise on them. Moreover, Single language would result in developing international relations which would embark peace and harmony among the whole world.

    The Drawback in this situation is that the local culture and traditions might be forgotten. Although, We can learn about different cultures and traditions with no difficulty but, the fact is that we cannot dig deep about them. English language would not create a sense of relatability among the locals on the cost of their own language, This change would make them remain unhappy forever.

    Summing up all the facts, English being the only language would be a efficient measure as it would reduce the struggles people face during an encounter speaking a language you don’t understand. Though, the localism would be extinct but if you see a bigger picture, countries will improve their among themselves resulting no war or any sort violence to ever occur.

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