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  • Shahnawaz

    September 19, 2021 at 5:30 PM

    In this modern era, the majority of people have started consuming fast food as their main course. There are number of benefits to eat fast food for their main meals. This essay will conclude that the advantages will significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

    To begin with, people who invest their entire day in office are not able to take time to cook their meals, so they prefer fast food which can be eaten instantly. Since the fast food is prepared under hygienic environment and with appropriate combination of ingredients, it tastes delicious and is considered to be good for our health. Furthermore, doctors suggest to eat something in every two hours, which can only be possible if it is already prepared. The time they spend in cooking meals can be saved, which thereby increases their productivity as they can be more inclined towards their work.

    On the other hand, some people claim that fast food could be harmful to their health. However, in reality, anything that has been done in excessive amount is not at all good for our health. For instance, eating more rice on daily basis can cause obesity that may lead to serious health issues in future. This is the main reason, people who eat fast food take time out of their busy schedule so that they can exercise regularly which eventually keeps them healthy.

    To conclude, people who are relying on fast food are healthier as well as efficient in their work.

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