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  • Gurleen

    September 20, 2021 at 12:48 PM

    The modern lifestyle has led to a gradual shift in the eating habits of people from home cooked meals to fast food. While fast food meals have been a bliss to the working population, they come with a plethora of health problems and imbalanced life. This essay concludes that advantages of eating outside food do not outweigh the disadvantages.

    To outline the benefits, many people prefer junk food since it tastes delicious and can be grabbed easily on their way to office or can be ordered online. Considering the tedious work schedule, people avoid cooking at home. Furthermore, the cheap pricing makes it affordable. For instance, a household where both the members of a couple are working find it hard to cook and thus to save time and money they usually prefer to order online.

    On the other hand, eating outside food has major drawbacks on the health of the people. Firstly, junk food contains high amount of additives, cholesterol and sugar content which makes people prone to serious health problems such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Secondly, junk food does not promise any nutrient value resulting in a low immunity in humans to even fight the normal flu. Amongst teenagers, it has been found that serious skin issues such as acne is experienced because of the regular consumption of fried food. Finally, eating outside food frequently makes people lethargic and less active. To illustrate the fact, a survey report shows that people who bring home cooked food to their workplace are more productive during the day than those who order from outside.

    To recapitulate, I would concur that despite the fact that free delivery by restaurants have eased people’s lives but eating too much outside does no good to the body of the individuals. Every age group ranging from a child to an elderly person need a right proportion of nutrients through their meals which comes from the home cooked food and thus, people must restrain themselves in this unhealthy lifestyle of eating outside regularly.

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