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  • Sumit

    September 21, 2021 at 7:33 PM

    Cultures across the countries often consider the art as the essential part of their societies. With changing times, importance of art in people perspective, has reduced significantly whereas those of prevailing segments such as science, technology and business, have increased considerably. In my opinion, art has been an integral part of our culture since ages because cultural advancement without its role is not possible. In order to attract more people towards this extinguishing trade, we need to adapt modern techniques while preserving its core competency.

    On one hand, since ages, journey of mankind has been described by art, carved beautifully by our ancestors, which has resulted in passing up of information across generations, about crucial phases of our evolution since ages. For instance, we have seen discovery of carving on walls across all continents, beautifully describing how early man used to live their life, done during Stone Age. Although, science and business has attracted the attention of our younger generation more rapidly, art continues to be a medium for expressing our thoughts in a more presentable manner. The more we ignore the art, the harder it will be for us to express.

    On other hand, in order to arrest the fall of interest among youth, we need to appreciate even the smallest effort being put in this field. Giving due recognition to artists and rewarding their work will certainly pull more number of people towards this profession, resulting in more commercially viable projects for art enthusiastic. Incorporating modern and scientific techniques for creating artworks, sponsoring exhibitions, and exploring commercial aspect of art, will provide a much needed boost to it. The more we promote the art, the merrier will be the result for art industry.

    In conclusion, the art is a beautiful way of expressing not only our thoughts, but also our journey along various phases of life, and it need to be preserved at all cost. Furthermore, all required steps should be taken by appropriate authorities in order to highlight and reward the efforts of an artist, who are often ignored. Art not only gives us the glimpse of our past, but it also helps us in shaping our future.

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