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  • Gurleen

    September 23, 2021 at 2:23 PM

    Some people affirm that biological growth of children is the sole responsibility of the parents and thus schools should exclude sports lessons from the curriculum. I completely disagree with this statement and opine that it is the joint responsibility of the parents as well as school to monitor the physical health of the children. I will elucidate the reasons in the subsequent paragraphs.

    Admittedly, parents are responsible for ensuring some physical activity for their kids. If the kids start to learn exercising at a young age, they tend to adopt a healthier lifestyle in their future as well. Parents can supervise their children in a better manner and therefore, after understanding the needs and likings of their offsprings they can put them into the activities that interests them the most. For instance, if a child is interested in playing cricket, parents can play a great role in motivating them and help them in pursuing their interest.

    On the other hand, schools are where children spend most of their times. Children can better develop their interest in a sports or master their skills at it under the guidance of a professional trainer. Teachers can conduct productive sessions in a larger group and also children learn better from their peers when the training is conducted in larger groups. For instance, students might be competing with that one student who runs the fastest in the school sports day. Besides this, children also learn skills such as working in a team and management skills. If the children are given training to include at least one sport in their lives, they will be advantageous in a long run and this journey begins at school.

    In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that parents and schools are equally responsible in shaping a child’s future and developing healthy lifestyle which he will adopt for the rest of his life. It is crucial that the children utilise their time judiciously with a mix of academics and sports and they learn all this in a conducive environment provided by parents and school both.

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