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  • siddhu

    September 23, 2021 at 7:58 PM

    Art is consider as one of the imperative aspect among one’s country cultural heritage. However, in this evolving world, conferring art has become difficult and propensity towards other fields like technology and business has become more prominent. There can be many reasons which can be attributed to. This essay will discuss further on this context and also suggest some potential strategies to make the situation better.

    To embark on, Firstly, Art in an externalization of individual skill. This is one of the most renowned skill and was given utmost importance in the past. This can be considered as one of the most reliable lucrative sources for bolstering countries economy. In other words, this encourages to enhance tourism, which can be used as a catalyst for industrialization. For instance, generally, tourists show interest in exploring cultural heritage domains and throng in huge numbers if it is well established, this helps in employment opportunities which is a paucity in developing countries. Additionally, this will be helpful in boosting local Arti crafts as well.

    On the downside of the topic, Art is tending towards decline phase from generation to generation . Although, most of the students are passionate towards art yet, they prefer in imbibing knowledge towards technology or other business, this is due to the less wages paid compared to other domains and moreover, constraint in exhibiting their internal thoughts to full extent is also one of the primary reason to forsake this skill. However, these can be surmount by some potential initiatives by legislative bodies to establish back to its status. For example, Increasing the pays for the individuals in this domain, giving freedom to the artist in his depiction. However, Autonomy needs to be monitored as this might lead some adverse effects due to the controversial art works and encouraging public to go to art exhibitions to make them aware of the importance toward this intriguing skill is the need to the day.

    From the aforesaid statements, In my opinion Art is unique asset which every country owns and this has lost its place in present day society due to numerous challenges, however, with possible potential strategies, government should take immediate action to save our arts and artists otherwise this would go in oblivion.

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