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  • Divyanshee

    September 23, 2021 at 11:03 PM

    Physical education is one of the important subjects in children development. It is argued by some people that parents should make sure that their children should do some workout daily as a result to this educational institutes should discard games or physical training sessions from their syllabus. In my opnion, indulging the habit of exercise should be the responsibility of both the parents as well as the schools.

    On one hand, it is the responsibility of the parents to make involve workout sessions in their children’s life because it will keep the child more active resulting in good academic results, less prone to stress and leading a healthy life ahead. Fast food has played a major role in causing obesity in even children nowadays and in order to avoid such problems children must be encouraged to develop a habit of exercising daily. Parents being the most important figures in the child’s life can influence the children for such activities easily.

    On the other hand, schools should include sports as a part of syllabus because it will imbibe sportsmanship spirit in students not only for sports but also for life. Besides, it will help them learn team management skills at a young age which will help them in the future. Moreover, it is seen that physically fit students often perform better in studies because they are mentally fit as well due to regular exercise at schools.

    In conclusion, although parents are responsible for their child’s education, the main place where children devote their time is school. Personally, I believe that time is not wasted on sports lessons and that in the long run, exercising in schools help maintain the young generation’s health.

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