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  • Yanshi

    September 27, 2021 at 8:36 AM

    Due to a surge in population, a lot of countries are facing problems in curbing the situation and need more homes. The main issue is to whether these homes be constructed in existing cities or new towns be built in the countryside? In my opinion, the government should do adequate planning and continue to build new homes in the existing cities to curb the population.

    World population is growing at a tremendous rate, resulting into numerous issues such as lack of resources and shelter. It is the government’s responsibility to make sure that it’s citizens have basic resources and shelter provided to them. To build homes in a new town, government will require adequate land and a plethora of resources to develop a full- fledged town, thus putting a strain on environment. Building new towns can lead to running out of agricultural land and flora and fauna. New towns will have to be equipped will all sorts of facilities, such as schools and hospitals, which can prove to be a great task for government, resulting into over- exploitation of resources which can be degrading for the environment.

    In the cities, there is a lot of arable land which is left for rotting due to improper planning. With correct measures, government can rightfully use these lands to build new homes. This would not only curb government from over exploiting resources but would also be beneficial for the people, as being in the city, they can easily access all the facilities and benefits of a city. People would not require to leave their friends or families to shift to a new town or commute large distances to travel to cities for their work or other important stuff.

    Therefore, it would be plausible to utilize the existing cities to their maximum extents to provide shelter to the population.

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