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  • Yanshi

    September 27, 2021 at 10:03 AM

    In today’s pacing world, more and more people are inclining towards junk food and ready-made meals instead of healthy, balanced meals. Health, having taken a backseat, while comfort, being given more importance, fast food seems to be a bliss for a lot of people, especially the working class. However, despite the advantages, in my opinion, the disadvantages outweigh them.

    As the world is advancing, people seem to be so engrossed in their careers and lives, that health often becomes a not-so-important issue for many, resulting in growing inclination towards fast food. Easy availability of affordable ready-made meals feels like heaven for the working professionals as they have little time to prepare healthy meals. With more options and less efforts, they can get access to delicious meals, further driving away their urge to even learn to prepare home-cooked meals. This is not just comfortable, but also saves their time and energy, which they can put into productive work.

    However, this “comfort” cannot suffice the fact that the disadvantages that fast food propose, are much more as the continuous consumption of junk food leads to numerous health issues, for instance, obesity. The comfort of fast food leads to laziness and complacency among the masses, degrading their mental and physical health. A healthy and balanced diet containing all the nutrients is essential for proper functioning of mind and body, something with which cannot be sufficed by fast food. Availability of ready made meals makes people drift apart from learning to cook home cooked traditional meals. This not just makes them dependent on others, but also forget their cultures and traditions.

    Therefore, I would like to conclude with the fact the no amount of comfort of fast food can replace the benefits of healthy home-cooked meals rich in nutrients. Hence, disadvantages of fast food outweigh the advantages.

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