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  • Sheeba

    September 27, 2021 at 1:53 PM

    To lead a healthy life walking is essential. Now a days, fewer people show interest in walking. The awareness of walking have been reducing these days. In this essay, let us see the root cause of people who are not going for a walk and also the solution to tackle this problem.

    To begin with, the main reason for people who does not go for a walking is the lack of time management. Every people have 24 hours per day. They have to priorities their work. Some people goes for a walk in the summer and avoids going for a walk in winter due to the climate change. Walking helps to maintain their body fit moreover it is good for respiratory system and circulatory system. These are the benifits of walking in the dawn.

    In addition to it, to tackle this problem people should have determination towards their goal. They should wake early in the morning. If they didn’t go for walking in the dawn, they will not go for a walk in the rest of the day. Because every people will be busy with their own rat race.

    To conclude with, The more they walk, the healthier they will be. First step will be always harder but once they allocate time for walking in the morning they will feel fit for the rest of the life. Once the walking becomes their habit they cannot stop walking.

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