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    September 29, 2021 at 1:48 PM

    In some people’s opinion kids behavior these days is getting impacted by the television while others believe that the impact on kids behavior by television is proportionally equivalent to the time they are watching it. I believe both are correct with their opinions because television has an impact on daily life of kids no matter how much time spent on it or what has been liked by them.

    To begin with i would like to highlight that television has a huge impact on our lives irrespective of any age group. Children at a small age they are tend to learn faster and they grab positive and negative both by watching television even in small time. Kids do not understand whatever is shown on television is not for real instead it is all scripted and they start adopting the things. For instance some of kids they love watching super heroes on tv and they believe those super heroes are for real and as result kids start acting like super heroes, they copy those characters and slowly it impacts their regular behavior also.

    Some kids who are on television for a longer time will certainly have a major impact on their behavior because its not just kids are learning from the super heroes they start living with them and kids start believing them as part of their lives. Good or bad habits of their favorite characters make a strong place in their mind and they are completely jeopardized. Kids might become more aggressive or more caring or many be they start to have a negative feeling for the parents or family because they are influenced by the television character they watch the most.

    In conclusion i would say television put a major impacts on kids behavior irrespective of any age or the time they are watching. What kids are watching also an important factor to hypnotize kids’s mind and in result it impacts kids behavior and thought process both.

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