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  • Sheeba

    September 29, 2021 at 2:08 PM

    Some people believe that children’s behaviour get influenced by either the shows they watch or the amount of time they spent watching television. In my opinion, spending more time by watching television and programs they watch has an impact on their behaviour. In this essay let us see both views.

    To begin with, behaviour of children reflects what they watch on television. They are innocent to choose which shows are good to watch. So parents should scrutinize their children. Many parents are using televison as a diversion medium for their children to not to disturb them. So children get personal attachement with television. They are imagining themselves as a super hero and they are replicating as what they watch. While they are speaking with others they are responding like the characters which they watch. Television influences children’s speech, action and behaviour.

    In addition to it, spending more time by watching televison impacts their behaviour. If parents trun off television, they will cry and show anger on their parents. As spending more time on television they cannot complete their home work and assignments. If their parents ask about homework to escape from punishment, they will tell lie. They become stubborn when they want to buy anything.

    To conclude with, parents have to be aware of their children’s favourite program. Blaming the children for their behaviour is mere waste. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour. So parents should have control over their ward’s behaviour and to have an eye on them.

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