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  • Seema

    September 29, 2021 at 9:31 PM

    These days, more and more people are making the choice to get admitted their children where the student can select the subject based on their interest. while some people are of the opinion that the student should concentrate on all the subjects at school. I strongly believe that in school, students should learn each subjects which are being taught and not as per the interest of the student.

    It is certainly true that the main aim of the school is to make the student brilliant and educated in every manner. It is quite obvious that different topics can help increase knowledge in teenager as it’s the best time to pickup anything very quickly that has been taught and many parents believe that reading all subjects can help grow a child in many aspects. For example If a child is in school getting 8 classes in a day, so he/she will learn 8 different topics from 8 different teachers, everyone has different values and way of teaching, which can help the student to learn more topics.

    However, some people thinks that students of teenage should get the subjects of their choice, which will definitely make the student perfect but only in a particular subject or activity where he/she is having keen interest and not in different subjects which a teenage students should be aware of. For example If a student having interest in only few particular subjects cannot go for civil service examinations as it includes all the basic topics from school days or say teenage knowledge is must as it includes varieties of questions which cannot be answered by the student who has studied his choice of subjects in teenage.

    To conclude, I believe that one get an option in college life or while doing post graduate to choose a specific subject of their choice to proceed with the further studies so why shouldn’t a child in his/her teenage study all the subjects which can help to increase their basic knowledge about different topics such as science, history, geography etc. I insist that all the parents should go for all the subjects which are being taught to a student in his/her teenage.

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