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  • hari

    September 29, 2021 at 9:42 PM

    Many subjects have been taught in schools since ages. While some opine that younger one ought to focus on every subject, remaining believe that students should give importance to subjects that they are fond of. This essay will emphasis on the importance of learning every subject. Also, throws light on pursuing specific subjects. Eventually, I will state my opinion.

    On one hand, as we are living in the time of dynamic transformation wherein change in rapid technology demands for expertise in multi-disciplinary fields. As a result, it is always advisable to have basic knowledge in every field. Therefore, we must learn every subject in school which serves as a foundation for future learning. For instance: Although I was keen of science, I also studied Mathematics, statistics, I didn’t realize the value of those subjects then however; being a scientist I have to apply the principles of both Mathematics and statistics at present in order to evaluate my experiments.

    On the other hand, learning all the subjects consumes bulk of our study time which we can harness in concentrating on subjects we are interested in. Besides, we are unsure whether we would continue studying the subjects that we are not interested at in future. For example: I had to learn Sanskrit in my intermediate which I never came across until now. Alternatively, I would have invested that precious time in focusing on other subjects.

    Overall, having a knowledge about multi-disciplinary subjects would be of help in future. However, studying irrelevant subjects can be counter-productive. Considering both points of view I still believe, that learning all subjects is preferred choice because it enhances our horizon of thinking. Besides, we may not understand the value of every subject in school life.

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