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  • siddhu

    September 29, 2021 at 9:44 PM

    Childrens are considered to be the building blocks of the society. Some section of people believe that It is imperative to guide them in the right path during their academics, where they should be focused on all the aspects. However, some opine that they should be given freedom to chose their domain of interest and proceed further. I strongly agree on the primary notation, this essay will focus further on this context and conclude with a concrete opinion.

    To embark on, firstly, Education of children is very important and need to be guided appropriately. In other words, they should be exposed to all kinds of fields and nourish them to perfection. Basically they should be rounded rather than being self-centered. For instance, they are receptive at this age and exhibit interest in learning new things without any egos and dissatisfaction which helps to bolster and expertise themselves in majority of the domains and prepare them for the tough path ahead.

    On the contrary, Having specified skill sets has more disadvantages over the other. Move over, we are in competitive domain and overall expertise would always have huge positive impact in their career growth. People will be languishing and contemplating in a particular field as a result end up in less employment opportunities. In this evolving world, although you are a master of a defined area yet, you should be cognitive for your survival. Good illustration would be, we would come across everyday a numerous employment requirements stating of an opening in a specialized field, however a declaimer would be given on overall adept skillsets, stating that these are good to have. This indirectly forsake the header requirement, rather than looking for multi tasking expertise instead.

    To Conclude, from the aforesaid statements, in my opinion, children are little buds and should be guided appropriately, this would help them prepare for the challenges in their future career assignments otherwise this would go oblivion.

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