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  • Yankita

    September 29, 2021 at 9:57 PM

    Teenage is that stage of development that prepares a person for the future. A school going teenager is none less than a warrior. Some people think that school-going children should concentrate on all the academic subjects during school. On the contrary, others believe that children should focus on the subjects they are best at or interested in. According to me, students should focus on enhancing their skills in subjects that interest them the most, but I also agree that knowledge of all the subjects is crucial as it will help them earn their bread and butter.<div>

    But when teenagers are interested in or good at some specific subjects, they will get motivated and explore the detail of the courses by themselves. As they always say, “your passion can become your profession”. Once a child identifies his interest, he must be given a platform only to enhance his skills in that field of interest.

    Though by this, I do not dignify the importance of the subjects taught at school. Education programs are carefully chosen and selected for a reason, meaning that every subject is important and relevant in the student’s life. Plus, school subjects act as a foundation stone for the future. Therefore we cannot neglect their importance as well.
    In conclusion, a teenager should focus on the subjects they are best at or are willing to continue in the future but not on the sake of neglecting subjects taught at school.


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