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  • Mohit

    September 30, 2021 at 7:58 AM

    ‘The supremacy of English language is due to the tourism’ , is a topic which is being discussed a lot now a days . Many people believe that this is paving the path for English language towards the only language in the world. Whether, for the human kind , will this be beneficial or not ? This essay will discuss on both side and finally will caste a glimpse on the disadvantage of one ruler.

    ‘A major part of the society’ was made convinced that the English language is a wide spread language amongst the world and tourism is making it even an international language. They illustrate it further that any where in the world , amongst the human being, the language should not be a bar and any one should be capable enough to fluently communicate with each other , this will help to human being not only in finalizing the business deal but also in dissipating the various discrimination. Thus the importance of only one language is being justified.

    But on the other hand , many people oppose the idea and claim that the prevalence of only one language will triggered many other hitches. The same is encapsulated that local person can not be as fluent in one language as the native can , so the precedence of one language not only will make them feel inferior but also will cause the raze to the prosperity, exists everywhere , and so will lead to another language based discrimination. Therefore the existence of only one language can not be grounded.

    Eventually , the conclusion can be derived that the languages carry the sentiments of the local people and represent the greatness of their culture. The idea of having only one language can not be considered as a good for the society and should not be favored either. I strongly oppose the same.

    @ Abhinav sir, four evaluation please

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