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  • Sheeba

    September 30, 2021 at 2:29 PM

    English is the most prominent language in the world to develop tourism. Some people think that the English will be the only language to be spoken. In this essay let us see the pros and cons of the English becoming the only language to be spoken in the world.

    The advantages of having one language is that there will be no lack of information when communicating in a common language. Countries had a great boom in their economy. For instance, countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal they got a chance to export their goods with the developed countries. In the field of Information and Technology they are exploring the opportunities in the developed countries. In the top Multi National Companies many portfolio heads are from the developing countries and they compete with the developed countries. Many students are getting chance to do their tertiary education in their dream countries.

    The disadvantages of globalizing English as the only language is extinct of local cultures. There are many languages older than English. Every language has their own fame. There are huge literatures and novels in their regional language. Imposition of any language will lead to protest so that the locality’s peace will get affected. In some countries people’s occupation is based on the literature so they will be having an impact. If a language of the locality starts to extinct, then their culture will get vanish. Language plays a vital role to preserve their culture and life style.

    In conclusion, even though there are many advantages, we must consider the disadvantages of having English as a global language.

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