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  • Mohit

    October 1, 2021 at 7:51 AM

    In the modern life , fast food is being preferred amongst a wide section of people and now has become a daily routine meal for many. While the other still emphasize on the regular meal. Do the fast food can really be a good substitute for the regular meal? Or will it be proved worsen either ? Well, this essay will caste the glimpse over the disadvantage of fast food.

    A wide section of the society has become the crazy for fast food, and has accepted its supremacy over the main meal. They further illustrate it that most of the fast food are ready to use and can be cooked effortlessly. The world is swirling fast so the things aligned to its should also maintain the same pace otherwise we all will be sprayed and thus the fast food is being justified.

    While on the other hand , many people advocate the precedence of regular meal. Main meal is always full of nutrition and nothing can be as good as the regular food. They encapsulate it that regular food, as it does not loose its minerals and vitamins, is always good for health and should only be in our diet. Only a healthy life can lead us to success . Thus the regular food is being grounded.

    Eventually , I always found my self on the side of healthy food and unequivocally the healthy food is regular food, while the advocacy of fast food is nothing else but a stubborn argument. I strongly agree that even, the fast food should not be a part of our dietary system.

    @abhinavmohan sir , for your evaluation please .

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