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  • Sheeba

    October 2, 2021 at 1:17 PM

    Some people believe that children in their teens should concentrate on all subjects at school. Whereas, others think that they should focus on the subject they are more interested. In this essay let us see both views of people.

    To begin with, some people are not interested on their children to concentrate on a particular subject. Children’s dream will be keep on changing as they grow. If they concentrate on one subject during their secondary education they may miss some opportunity. Later they will regret for not concentrating on the subject they missed. During teens they have lack of knowledge to stream their career. In their tertiary education they have many options to focus on their favorite subject.

    Even though there are many benefits on focusing on all subjects, other people think children must focus on the subject in which they are more interested from their teenage. So that they can enhance their skill from the teenage and they will be having a clear plans to achieve their goal. Some children have an exact ambition. For those children concentrating on other subject is waste of time. If they concentrate on their interested subject rather than their academics they will gain extra knowledge from workshops and conferences which leads them to develop real time knowledge. In developed nations children are allowed to select their favorite subjects to have an eagle eye view on their ambition.

    In conclusion, it is wiser for children who have determination towards their goal to choose their interested subjects in their secondary education. Children with no specific ambition it is not recommended and they must focus on all the subjects. Can we say which method of approach is correct? No, it varies from each individual. Let them decide for their future.

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