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  • siddhu

    October 2, 2021 at 6:15 PM

    Evolution in technology has provided a new dimension in the field of online marketing and advertisements. One section of people opine that, this leads to distraction and inclination towards unnecessary shopping. However, other section believe that it creates more awareness over important products. I strongly agree with the former statement. Does online advertisements are really equipped with such important product information’s? This essay will discuss further on this context and will conclude with a concrete opinion.

    To Embark on, Firstly, Online domain has become an imperative platform for marketing. To be specific, majority of the product based industries attract their customers through online networks. Typically, most of the work domain functions on online based platforms, which is used as a tool for employers to accomplish assignments and other work related operations. Owing to this approach, online marketing implement strategies to attract and distract the users towards e-shopping. For instance, people browse for some information on the websites to get some information to modulate the codes and strings for their programming, during this activity, by default there will be a pops up of some products with some arbitrary discounts, this results in the curiosity in individual mind to get these exorbitant products on cheaper rates, which leads to the purchase of the product regardless of its importance.

    On the other hand, online information is not always reliable. The information provided on social platforms is ambiguous and cannot be trusted for many reasons. Although, i do agree some of the details available online has valid references yet, most of the product related information is just created to impress the consumers and moreover it confuses instead. There are many such instances, lets single out one such interesting aspect which would be the information on crypto coins. Most of the people invested on this believing on it statistical inferences and predictions, more over this information confined to online instead, which was very encouraging initially, however it came crashing down within no time leaving many individuals to lose heavily.

    From the aforesaid statements, in my opinion with the evolution of technology, many online platforms are basing this domain as a source to bolster their income which is burning the pockets and peace of mind of present day society, as it is impossible to survive as a technophobic and to surmount this, there is a necessity to place safety nets pertaining to propensity towards online infusion, otherwise this will go oblivion.

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