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  • Vimi

    October 2, 2021 at 11:26 PM

    A certain number of people believe that advertising easily make (makes) them purchase things, while others claim that it no longer grabs their attention as it has become so common. This essay will look at both the views and conclude that advertising still has a significant impact on people’s buying behaviour.

    To begin with, the whole concept behind advertising is either to create a demand for the new product in the market or to increase the sales of the existing product. With the help of adverts (advertisements) in magazines and brochures, people could make an informed decision and also get to know about the deals and offers that the company is currently offering, which gravitates them to buy things that are on huge discount. In addition to that, people who do not have much time to shop around and research, rely on advertising as they can learn about the new products. For instance, artificial intelligence powered products that can talk and play songs on voice command are seen in commercials, which attracts people and finally, they end up buying it.

    However, there are people who believe that nowadays everything is being publicised, as a result of which they merely (hardly) pay any attention to it. From hoardings to sponsoring events, companies tend to promote and showcase their products in every way possible, which has caused people to lose their interest in it completely.

    To conclude, buying behaviour of a large number of people does get affected by advertisements, though for some people, it seldom has any significance.

    Observations :

    1. The position taken in the introduction that advertising still has a significant impact on people’s buying behaviour has been clearly contradicted in the conclusion. The stand should remain the same throughout.

    2. Merely- hardly

    3. Make- makes

    4. Adverts – advertisements (formal)

    Feedback :

    Length is appropriate, at 257 words. Ideas are connected to topic, but could be better supported with more details. The opinion is not clear and there is a clear contradiction in opinion, in the introduction and conclusion. A good number of linking words and cohesive devices have been used though there is use of some informal words like ‘adverts’ in place of advertisements. In addition some words have been used wrongly too. Subject verb agreement errors are seen though they are unnoticeable.

    Band Score : 4/6

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