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  • Sheeba

    October 4, 2021 at 1:19 PM

    Throughout the world art plays a vital role in all cultures. Even though people like art, they shape their career to science, technology and business. Using the art people gained knowledge about their forefather’s lifestyle, occupation, culture and food. Art is also a way of communication. Art explained about the development from the stone age till now. For instance how people make fire, hunting technique, food, shelter and the way they dress. In this essay let us see what is the reason for the people not choosing art as their career and what are the initiatives has to be done to enhance the interest of the people in the arts.

    To begin with, there is a decline in the field of art as more people prefer science and technology rather than art. The career has a link with the status and intelligence. If people take art as their career, then the society around them will conclude that these people have no knowledge to learn about the latest technologies. There is a common myth people who learns art is disobedient to their parents. The career in the art makes the society to be judgmental towards the people’s character and intelligence. When compared to other fields the scope of earning money is higher than arts. So people are obsessed to make more money through their career. Also people think the art as a boredom field.

    In addition to it, to develop the interest towards the art more awareness about the art has to be spread. Now a days, the department of art is getting vanished so government has to allocate some special funds to reimburse the beauty of the field. Does the art has drawings and paintings? The answer is definitely no, there are different types of art works are available such as resin arts, carvings, collages using papers and creating an art from the waste objects. Many art museums has to be open to induce people’s interest.

    In conclusion, some students are interested to choose art as their career but they have a question, what the society will think? In olden days, art was the main reason for the development of the mankind. The more we learn art, the greater the development of the culture will be. None of the studies are high and low each field has their own fame and all the careers are interlinked for the growth of the modern world.

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