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  • Sheeba

    October 5, 2021 at 11:49 AM

    As there is a rapid development of supermarket in some countries, many small business and local business are not able to compete the corporate. Some people think that the end of such local business will make the local communities to extinct. In this essay let us see both the views.

    To begin with, the idea of the growth of the supermarket is enormous. It affects the local business. Let us see what are all the reason for the extinct of small business. People link their financial status with supermarkets. Also they believe that the quality of the product is better than local shops. All the products are available in supermarket but in local shops all the products are not available. People are more obsessed towards the brand. Even though there is no need to buy products, architecture of each supermarket grabs the customer to get inside and makes people to purchase. Attractive discounts plays a vital role to increase their customer. So the local business and small business does not have good architecture to impress their customer. They have space constraints so it is impossible to sell all the products in a small shop.

    In addition to it, certain people show interest to local business and small business. If the quality of the product is good, then they will be having their own regular customers. As small shops are budget friendly, some people will not get their products from supermarket. In supermarket, in the billing counter there will be long queue. Some people will purchase in local shops to reduce their time. So we cannot say in general that supermarkets wipe the opportunity of local business.

    In conclusion, the more they have reputation, the greater the crowd will be. Will the brand helps to increase the customer? In the long run, the brand will not make more customers but the quality of the product does.

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