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  • Tuhinsuvra

    October 5, 2021 at 1:53 PM

    In this 21st century where ‘Gender Equality’ is buzzing in every corner of the developed and developing countries, underdeveloped nations still experience a lot of discrimination between men and women. However, in this context, many individuals claim that women are less competitive than men. According to me, it is obvious that there are some biological and behavioural differences that make men more rivalrous. This essay agrees that men are naturally more competitive than women.

    To begin, evolutionary pressures and the domestic roles which women play are amongst the reasons why they lose their ability to compete with men. Around the world, even in the developed sovereignties, a woman handles the domestic works majorly, also in the case of working women they manage both their home and the office together. For instance, a working mother needs to take care of her child whereas men are free from this activity. Thus, men take the opportunity and overtake women in the competition.

    Additionally, women shy away from competitive environments. In many scenarios, women do not take part in the highly competitive atmosphere and feel shy to join. For example, in the top management positions across the globe, the proportion of women is very less, sometimes negligible. This also takes women behind men.

    In conclusion, women face a lot of issues regarding household and health which reduce their competitive mindset but they must overcome these problems and compete with men in proper condition.

    Word count: 239

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