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  • Yanshi

    October 5, 2021 at 2:10 PM

    Some people tend to perform poor in their schools, but in real world, they end up achieving all the success and riches of life. According to me, there is no hard and fast rule for success in life. One’s grades in school, does not determine the real potential the person possess. The more the person’s desire for success is, the closer he is to his destination.

    Every human being has got a distinctive meaning of success. For some, it might be money and fame, while for some it might be a cozy family and a peaceful life. School teaches you a limited curriculum, while the real life throws indefinite obstacles and hurdles on your way, drenching you of your sanity and motivation. While the school teaches you how to pass your tests, it fails to teach you how to handle and overcome your failures. Now the person who manages to go past these stumbling blocks of life, is the one who gets to taste success.

    There are numerous characteristics a person needs to possess, for instance resilience and prowess, to become successful in life. But unfortunately, schools fail miserably when it comes to delivering these qualities in their students. While many schools are still following the age old curriculums, the students often are compelled to learn these essential life skills on their own with experience. However, not everyone is built strong enough to break the shackles of life. Hence, not everyone gets to get successful.

    With the growing technology and competition, if you are not fast paced enough and meet the level of expertise others possess, you will be left far behind in the race of success. Schools, unfortunately, are not capable enough of equipping the students with accurate skills needed for the market. Schools often miss out on teaching important skills to the students like knowledge of managing finances, tolerance for failures, managing relationships and a lot more.

    However bad your grades might be, if you are exceptionally skilled for your field, resilient enough to handle your failures and have the power to stand up again once you fall , you are always leading ahead of those with good grades.

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