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  • Raju

    October 5, 2021 at 11:04 PM

    Most of the reputed educational institutions teaches (teach) their students how to sustain and survive financially in the current fast trending world and focus on many financial equations instead providing the quality education and values. I strongly disagree with the context, this essay gives (will give) an idea of “what is” the quality education, social behavior and how it benefits the children grow to overcome the financial crisis.

    Children’s education is very crucial in present circumstance, it helps them to grow in their life in a better manner. some parents think that the quality of education comes with a reputed schools or colleges and their teaching methodologies. In fact, educational institutions should provide good quality of education by introducing the real-world issues in their curriculum, especially developing cognitive skills, problem solving and communications. If children develop those skills undoubtfully they can sustain in any circumstance even they face financial struggles they can be able to overcome with the skills, they developed or learned.

    In addition, social behavior is a major aspect of the young children particularly high school or college graduates. Due to availably of all the resource in the globe, most of the children (are) dragged towards the bad habits and behaviors. schools should teach the children rights, who to mingle in the society, patience, obedience towards the elderlies, kindness/helping nature for the needy. These behavioral skills (are) useful for them to people management, money management and adjustable behavior in any situation. For an instance, if children do not have well behavior or proper education on traffic rules, they may get huge fines and leads to financial crisis.

    To summarize, educational institutions should teach the children to learn better to improve of their education and other required skills for the bright career instead of financial survival. With the great skills that they acquire in the high school or college and with the well social behavior children can overcome any kind of financial struggles and grow in their life to achieve great milestone.

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