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  • Neeraj

    October 5, 2021 at 11:13 PM

    Today scenarios the knowledge of financial is very crucial for development of individual in early age. School should include the financial topic in their syllabus It would enhance the metal capability of student to tackle the future problem related to monetary easily.I agree with the given statement so there is need to initiate financial topics in our early education system. <div>

    Firstly the school is the one primary source where to inculcate the basics of management of financial in early age is possible effectively while in many schools nowadays they start putting syllabus of economy which indirectly helps student to understand the financial concept very well. Many government make it essential to include finance topic in early education stage so the student lean about it and apply its concept in their career.

    Secondly In school its quite easy to put financial element through different kind of activity on the other hand different events have different element which contribute towards enhancing student skill like in many school they have some games where they can easily get involved in financial topics often these games made our basics cleared whereas in many schools they also have quiz competition which have element of finance which improve metal thinking level and give us futuristic learning which we can easily apply during our growth.

    To conclude financial management has to put as syllabus in school as it’s the need of time to know about finance related thing in growing stage. Hence its makes students aware about the concept of monetary in early age.


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