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  • Bhagyashree

    October 6, 2021 at 1:09 AM

    In today’s growing nation some people believe that men are more competitive than women. However, in this context there are some social disparity and misunderstandings in considering that women are less competitive in nature. This essay disagrees with the statement of men jumping the ladder with the cut throat competition given to women.

    From the ancient times women have always been subjected to patriarchal society which has never given them that opportunity to flourish. That being said which in turn has benefitted the men in their workplace in terms of going up the ladder. The societal biases play a significant role where women are fighting the workplace disparity and reaching to leadership roles. Thus, this gender difference and age old belief have played a major role for the women to stay competitive.

    It is observed by a scientific research that men mature later than women at a given certain age and men tend to loose their cool if they are exposed to any failures in their life. On the other hand, women are far more mature and less likely to get bogged down by difficult situations thrown at them by acting resilient and practising self development at a very tender age which in turn has given them fruitful results. For an example, we have been hearing for the past many years about women outdoing men in competitive exams and excelling with flying colours.

    To conclude, women do face a lot of struggles but that has been a driving key for them to stay competitive at par with men.

    Word count- 258

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