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  • Devi

    October 6, 2021 at 2:07 AM

    Tourism has became one of the main sources of economy in every country. The usage of global language English is increasing gradually, rather than local language. This essay will discuss about why choosing one language is beneficial than usage of local language.

    Firstly, Adopting english language as a source of communication made tourists comfortable to communicate and explore the new country. It provides a great source of economy to the country by increasing tourists. Mainly, tourists can know about the culture and heritage deeply when explained in global language.

    Furthermore, it avoids misleading of tourists and by deep knowledge of local laws and instructions, illegal activities can be stopped. For instance, a person can able to know prohibited activities and regulations. Not only tourism, all other industries are getting benefited that includes trading, travel, restuarant and hotel.

    However, the improvement in one language system leads to deterioration of local language and its culture. Some local people may lose their jobs and it may lead to deployment of people.

    To conclude, undoubtedly English is a prominent language using worldwide. It has created opportunity and development in every field all over the world rather not only for immigration. Degradation of other language and its culture also should be considered by use of universal language and it should be included as a must language for local people along with English to avoid such circumstances.

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