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  • Swati14

    October 9, 2021 at 9:48 PM

    Some people argue that the decision-making should be restricted to an only higher level, while others say that employees should also be an integral part of decisions for a business. Should only seniors take all the decisions of the company or company should include employees also for the same? In my opinion, I believe employees’ views taken into consideration while making any decision for the company.

    Many organisations believe that only supervisors are qualified for every decision because they have more experience and in-depth knowledge about the company. Senior-level management holds a reputed position in a company and it is believed that they hold a better position to take any decision for the business. It is illustrated further that, the boss is much more aware of the mission of the company and he can make the best decision with the help of his experience and knowledge. Thus, the argument for the involvement of only higher management is made justified.

    On the other hand, some people favor that employees should include in the decision-making process because they work at ground level and they are very well aware of the root cause of any problem and challenges faced by the lower-level employees. In other words, a team member has a good theoretical and practical knowledge of real difficulties faced by staff members and if they are also included in decision – making process then it will help the organisation in achieving the right decision.

    To conclude, although the experience of senior management plays a key role in any decision for a company, team members’ viewpoints should not overlook by the organisation because they have ground knowledge which may be helpful to make a decision.

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