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  • Mamta

    October 9, 2021 at 11:54 PM

    Some people believe that people in senior position have the right to take decisions, while others think that members of staff should be involved in this process as well. Both views will be discussed in this essay along with my opinion.

    When we are talking about experiences and expertise, senior people have got wide experience and knowledge. To run a business these are the most important factors. They are familiar with the way the business operates. They also know the strengths and weaknesses of their staffs. These experiences help the company to gain profit and do better in the future. In decision making some security concern is also involved as some confidential information being discussed in the meeting, so it is consider that the decisions should be made by managers.

    On the flip side, there are plethora reasons for employees to participate in a decision making process. They also want to consider themselves a part of the organisation by giving their valuable ideas. If they are a part of decision making process, they present a great idea that seems beneficial for the company. By doing so the members of staff feel more connected to the company and perform better. This also enhance the self confidence in junior employees that leads to the organisation in next level.

    In my opinion the involvement of employees should be there in this process for the betterment of the organisation. As we concern about the security of the confidential information, the organisation need not to discuss this with the every employee.

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