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  • Gorthi

    October 11, 2021 at 10:04 AM

    The exponential increase in the world population,as compared to the past-decades.This resulted in a high-demand for food to feed the substantial number of people.As a solution,agriculturists around the world have come up GM foods(genetically modified foods).Although,GM foods may seem like a viable method to encounter our problem to produce more food,I believe that there are some underlying effects to these modified consumables therefore I would argue that there are some other methods to overcome this issue.

    I am certain that genetically modified foods seems to have its own advantages.For instance,the crops grow at a rather faster rate than they naturally would have,allowing the farmers to yield more vegetables for the consumption of people.In addition to that, scientist inject chemicals into the food products to not only allow them to grow quickly but also resistant to different kinds of pests.This way, these consumables lasts longer and are readily available for the humans to feed on them meeting all the requirements of the costumers.

    Although GM foods have advantages it is obvious that it has its fair share of disadvantages.Basically,the DNA structure of the food is modified that has a harmful effect on the human race by decreasing resistance towards antibodies as in ultimately decreasing the immunity and increasing the threat of getting more diseases.Furthermore,Genetically modified foods come at great costs due to its highly complicated process GM foods may not appeal to the majority of people,resulting in farmers suffering huge loss as cost of production may me significantly higher than the money they gained from selling them.

    Taking everything into consideration,although GM foods are easily available whole year, consuming them will negatively affect your health but also makes it harder for the farmers to continue farm. Therefore, I strongly disagree with the notion that GM foods are a great solution for providing food to a large population.

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