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  • Mithusha

    October 12, 2021 at 12:12 AM
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    Men are stereotypically considered to be more competitive than women. In my opinion, though this is ostensibly true, competitiveness finds a different expression in womenfolk.

    The traditional argument in favor of this claim is that men are predisposed genetically to aggressiveness, the reason being the elevated levels of testosterone hormone, as this was practiced from ancient times in proving their strength with one another and gain dominance in the society which also helped in hunting and to provide for the family. Nowadays in this fast-paced world, this fierceness is found in many ambitious men in their chosen occupation. For instance, men in sumo wrestling games are anticipated to be dominant in their arena, to afford freedom or for that matter, to get married while the low hierarchical males are trained at the stables without any privileges until they reach the leading place.

    However, this ignores the fact that women simply have different channels to compete. In the past, there was a tendency to discriminate against women from expressing interests, such as in sports, being an entrepreneur, and in other determining career paths. It is now omnipresent in society to find women chasing dreams, embracing their competitive drive, and striving to achieve their goals similar to men. However, this is merely a redirection of innate desires that were already present. Not to mention, women in the older generations focused their energies on domestic matters which might not seem competitive enough, but they had to compete against each other as well to gain supremacy in society back then.

    In a nutshell, despite the evolutionary evidence to support the competitiveness of males, I feel that the sexes are generally equal in this area though women express this desire more subtly. Such narrow stereotyping of both genders is often superficial.

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