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  • Mohit

    October 12, 2021 at 6:02 AM

    Many person of the society believe that nature has given a wonderful sets of skills to man while other emphasis that woman are naturally more utilitarian than man. Does a man really possesses more expertise than a woman? Well, this essay will caste the glimpse on the competitive skills, a man has over the woman.

    Many people advocate the supremacy of woman as compare to its counterpart man. They are mesmerized by the wonderful skill like ,multitasking, which a woman possesses. This is illustrated further by them that a woman not only have a inbuild quality to handle the household work, including nurturing of kids , but also has an extraordinary power to cop up the work pressure at office . Thus the superiority of a woman is grounded by thenm

    While, on the other hand, most of the people are convinced about the precedency of man. They are agree that a man , being a natural effective creature , are more efficient than a woman. This is encapsulated further that a man is blessed with the most effective super power ‘wisdom and physical strength’ . By the help of these two super power a man can achieve any task which seems even impossible in the beginning. Thus the competitiveness of a man is established by them.

    Eventually , there is no doubt about the multitasking skills of a woman , but a man has been given more skill than a woman by the nature which overweigh the woman skills, and unequivocally gives a upper hand to a man and thus the superiority of a man is underscored.

    @Abhinavmohan Sir , for your evaluation please.

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