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  • hari

    October 12, 2021 at 9:45 PM

    It is often considered that, having a lucrative career provides more satisfaction than a job that gives a sense of fulfilment. I strongly disagree with this notion. This essay bolsters my statement.

    To begin with, money can provide material fulfilment but not self-satisfaction. Nowadays, we see affluent people visiting meditation instructors and psychiatrists people to relieve stress. The most common reason being the inability to handle stress despite having lucrative salaries. Had money being the index for happiness, they wouldn’t have done this. For instance: The majority of my friends have left high paid jobs and started following their passion in order to have a sense of fulfilment.

    Secondly, job satisfaction propels career growth in the longer run. when we love what we do, it stimulates our true potential and motivates us to do greater things. For example, The famous meditation instructor “Vishen Lakhiani” has divulged in his landmark book i.e., how he became a successful person by leaving his monotonous job and followed his heart to become a millionaire. In spite of facing a plethora of hurdles.

    In short, while money can garner material satisfaction, it cannot provide true happiness which can only be gained by job satisfaction. Besides, if we are perseverant while following our passion, we may face challenges at the initial encounters; however, we can do wonders in the longer run. Therefore, I prefer to choose job satisfaction over a big salary.

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