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  • Mohit

    October 12, 2021 at 9:48 PM

    Job satisfaction of the employee is something which can make a company to touch the sky. But what contribute more in job satisfaction? whether it a big salary package ? or something else? Well, this essay will caste the glimpse on role of big salary for job satisfaction.

    The supremacy of a lucrative salary package, in job satisfaction , can not be ignored by anyone and this is the most attractive factor in any segment, which alone is capable enough to pool the talent towards an organization. It is illustrated further that an employee will have to accomplish the various need of his offspring and ménage , and if he is not able to make sufficient earning , then very soon he will become irritate and will start to look for a change.

    Secondly , the precedence of good remuneration is always considered a big factor amongst the human capital. The salary is the only thing which assure an worker about his future. in other words , if he receives a good payout , which is sufficient enough for not only to meet his daily requirement but also to be deposited in saving account, his gratification towards the job would be more vivid.

    Finally , from the above it may be derived that an employee works for the money and if he do not get a good stipend then obviously he will loose the interest very soon and will start to search for a job, And unequivocally the attrition from a company signals about the un-satisfaction amongst the employee. Thus the role of tantalizing salary package in job satisfaction is proclaimed.

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