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  • Harsaroop Kaur

    October 12, 2021 at 9:51 PM

    In today’s materialist world, everyone is crazy about making money. People think the more money they make, the more comfortable life they would live because they believe in the fact that money can buy happiness, however, I completely disagree to this.

    I strongly believe that if people are not satisfied with their job, it would affect their mental peace. I had a similar situation when I was in my first job. I didn’t get the job role that I desired for, but my company was paying me a handsome salary. I joined the company but after 1-2 months it started feeling like a trap as if I was in a rat race. It ruined my mental health. Then, I understood that money cannot buy you peace and I quit the job.

    Also, people running after big salary packages end up facing major health issues. With bigger salary packages, come bigger responsibilities and with that scenario nowadays the working professionals get blood pressure related problems in their mid-30’s. They don’t realize what are they paying for the salary they are getting. People forget about their passions and aspirations; all they care about is money.

    To conclude, I agree that money can solve a lot of problems in life, but it cannot buy you satisfaction. If someone is satisfied with their job, it is the biggest earning. If people are unwilling doing a job, just for the sake of big salary, they can end up facing various health issues at a very tender age.

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