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  • Mamta

    October 14, 2021 at 4:16 PM

    Shopping is very popular in these days among the youth. Buying something is becoming popular day by day as a free time activity. it is believed by some that it has its own benefits and drawbacks as well. This essay will discuss the reasons of its popularity and effects of those on individuals and society.

    In past, people generally used to go for shopping when required, but now it has become a spare time and a stress relief activity as well. Due to the trend of online shopping , it becomes even more famous. Some online websites provide a good amount of discounts on products ,that lead to enhance the sell of the products. Social media plays a major role to the popularity of shopping because mostly youngsters influenced by the actors/actresses and try to copy their outfits.

    As we know everything has its own benefits and drawbacks, same case with the shopping. Buying something good for yourself as a gift, after achieving any task gives you a self satisfaction. After a busy weekdays, Shopping on weekends not only refreshes your mood but also provides you opportunity to meet up with friends. When you have something nice to wear or some good products at home to use, you automatically feel fresh and energetic that enhance your work progress. On the other side, excessive of anything is not good. Due to the increasing use of online shopping, people tend to spend their hard earned money on unnecessary things. People fall into the trap of discounts and buy products that are not required at all.

    To conclude, shopping can be considered an enjoyable activity for free time because it provides happiness. However, people must make a balance between buying new things and their salary. Increasing popularity of shopping is beneficial for online as well as offline stores and companies. Money circulate in the market and boost the economy that generates a number of employment.

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