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  • Yanshi

    October 14, 2021 at 7:11 PM

    A lot of businesses and corporates hold the opinion that the freshers who recently get graduated from universities often lack interpersonal skills, such as teamwork. In my opinion, this deficiency of skills occur due to several reasons such as lack of exposure and experience. This essay will reflect on some of the probable causes and solutions.

    With the fast pace the world is moving today, one needs to posses certain essential life skills and expertise, in order to sail through life. However, in an education system that primarily focuses on grades and marks, rather than actual skills one possess, it becomes inevitable to escape the rat race. Several institutions, stuck in their old-school curriculum, fail to provide their students with crucial skills, relevant resources and adequate exposure of real life circumstances. Instead, these students are tossed into irrelevant activities that hold no value in real life, for instance, race for getting more marks in exams. Lack of practical knowledge and experience make these freshers feel out of place, once they step out of their institutions into the real life. Life demands life skills from them, such as resilience and teamwork, which they fail to provide, due to insufficient knowledge and exposure.

    The lack of relevant skills and incompetence is not entirely the student’s fault. Their schools play a primary role in incorporating these skills in their students, by exposing them to the real world situations. A lot of knowledge and information, that people gather from their schools, is of no relevance in the real world. So it becomes significantly essential for these institutions to update their curriculum in accordance with relevant skills and practical knowledge. Even though it reflects schools’ incompetency when they are not able to provide their students with efficient resources, students cannot entirely rely on them and go complacent. They need to take the hold of their situation and work towards getting skilled and competent.

    In conclusion, it is entirely true that the people these days lack relevant skills such teamwork as they freshly get graduated, which more or less, reflects the inefficiency of college degrees. The education system needs some serious reforms in order to take out the best from them and equip them with necessary skills.

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