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  • Swati14

    October 14, 2021 at 8:39 PM

    In the present time, shopping is becoming more famous as a free time activity. Although, some people believe that this includes both pros and cons effects. This essay will discuss the reason for the popularity of shopping and examine its effects on individuals and society.

    Nowadays, shopping has become more popular amongst people because of the development of technology. These days, people enable to do shopping at their own pace and they do not need to go out shopping. People can compare as many products and services through various e-commerce platforms, and order online the desired ones. For instance, most people use the Amazon website for their daily needs or luxury items.

    However, it is noticed that there are some negative effects of excess shopping on individuals and society. Sometimes, online marketing influence individual to purchase unnecessary stuff which cause them to spend more, and which affect their savings and future investment plans. More shopping impacts society adversely because of the peers’ pressure over society. It is illustrated further that, if a person is purchased luxury items then it creates psychological pressure on society to do the same, and those people have to purchase that stuff unwillingly.

    To conclude, these days, shopping is quite famous because most people can do shopping by using online platforms. This trend impacts negatively on individuals and society because people, who do not want to buy useless things, have to purchase because of psychological pressure from peers and society.

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