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  • Shahbaz

    October 16, 2021 at 10:43 AM

    * I don’t think the use of ‘lag’ in the first sentence is appropriate.

    * “because they do not have exposure to the corporate world” (This is not grammatically incorrect. However, I think ‘because they have not been exposed to’ sounds better)

    * “not develop their interpersonal skills instead they make” ( a comma was needed after ‘skills’)
    * The verb ‘make’ is usually not used with ‘to’ (e.g. “They make him work hard” not ”make him to work hard”)

    *”In training period freshers are learning only about the technology.” ( I assume that, here, you wanted to make a general point about training periods. In that case, “During their training period, freshers only learn about…” would have been better. The simple present tense in the place of the present continuous since a general point is being made)

    *”Many activities has to be” (have to be)


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