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  • Shahbaz

    October 16, 2021 at 12:23 PM

    * “in these days” (the ‘in’ is not needed here. “Shopping is popular these days” would be sufficient)

    *”the reasons of its popularity” (‘the reasons for its popularity’ would be better)

    * “Due to the trend of online shopping , it becomes even more famous” (‘It has become even more popular’ is what I would use)

    *”Some online websites provide a good amount of discounts on products ,that lead to enhance the sell of the products.” ( ‘good amount of discounts’ does not collocate well. I would use ‘attractive discounts’. “enhance the sell of the products” does not sound right. You probably meant ‘sales’ in the place of ‘sell”)

    *”mostly youngsters influenced by” (youngsters are influenced by)

    *”a busy weekdays” (‘a (adjective) weekdays’ would not work. ‘a busy week’ would work)

    *”weekdays, Shopping” ( ‘shopping’ should not have been capitalized after a comma)

    *”On the other side, excessive of anything is not good” (since ‘excessive’ is an adjective, this sentence would be incorrect. You could say ‘an excess of …” )

    * However, people must make a balance between ” (‘find a balance’ is better than ‘make a balance’)


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