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  • Aashish

    October 18, 2021 at 6:06 PM

    Tourism has always played a vital role in boosting economy of a nation. The development of tourism has led to the contribution of using a common language which is English. Some people believe that gradually English might become the only official language around the globe. This essay highlights the advantages and disadvantages of having one language in the world.

    The major advantages of having a single language is the fulfillment of communication gap between different people and ease of migrating to different countries which ultimately can fill the skills gap. Due to having the universal language, people can communicate to each other very easily and effectively. For instance, a person from Canada travelling to India will not struggle to communicate and local population in India will also be more welcoming to such tourists. Furthermore people from India will also consider to visit Canada. Another advantage is the ease of migration between different countries. For instance, if a person highly capable and expert in his field and want to migrate to another country then language will not be a barrier for him and this also would act as a tool to fill the skill gap in a nation.

    The main disadvantage of having a universal language is the adaptability and extinction of core value of a culture. Not all the people can speak English fluently and even though they might consider English as official language but to adapt it as a mother tongue, it will be a challenging task for them. For instance, a person from Russia might not be able to speak English as fluently as Russian or any other local language. Another disadvantage is core value of a culture will be extinct. For instance, language is a core part of an individual culture and if a non-native speaker of English will be imposed upon by an official language of English, then they might feel parted from their culture.

    In conclusion, a single universal language is great for filling communication gap between different people that comes from different culture which belongs to different parts of world, but it will certainly depreciate the diversity of different cultures of world which is the beauty of our planet.

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