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  • Sheeba

    October 19, 2021 at 6:18 PM

    In many countries, nowadays, few people shows interest to become teachers in secondary schools. This essay will discuss the cause and solution for this problem.

    To begin with, the cause of the problem is teachers prefer working in government school to private school because of the pension scheme. Even though secondary school teachers does lot of work, their works are not valued. People in the field of Information Technology, Finance, Medicine, Manufacture and Government officials earn more than teachers. In case of promotion and progression, chances are less for teachers. In many schools, teacher’s incentives are based on the admission of the students. Rather than teaching, teachers are forced to do admin work. So next generation people does not have interested to work as a teacher.

    In addition to that, the problem can be solved by increasing salary and hike for teachers. Government has to fix a basic salary for the teachers in secondary school and pension scheme has to be given for them. To encourage their work, they have to be rewarded with some awards and this will be encouraging for them to move forward in their career. Management should not involve teachers to do their admin work.

    To conclude with, instead of service, teaching has become as a business. If this situation continues, it will affect the future of students. Teachers are the main pillars for each people’s identity. So teachers have to be rewarded for their work and the honor they receive will give perseverance towards their goal.

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