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  • Yanshi

    October 19, 2021 at 8:51 PM

    In the recent times, very less people are driven towards pursuing teaching as an occupation, especially in secondary schools. Unlike past, a lot of young people are no longer interested in becoming a teacher, one of the most valuable professions that paves way for other professions. This essay will throw light on some of the probable causes and solutions for the same.

    Teaching is one of the most dignified and noble professions, as it nurture young minds and molds them into something great. Yet, it is not given the value and dignity it deserves. In a lot of countries, teaching remains to be one of the most underpaid jobs. Unfortunately, people frequently fail to realize the worth of teachers, resulting in teachers being heavily underpaid and many a the times, asked to do absurd activities, holding no relevance to their work. Teachers not being provided with the worth they deserve, discourages people and drives them away from it.

    Teaching as a career, has lost its charm and in order to restore it, the government need to take tremendous steps. The net salary and worth needs to be increased, to make sure that teachers get paid what they deserve. Children, from a young age, need to be taught to respect their teachers and hold them in high regards. Furthermore, educators are ought to be provided with certain incentives and awards of appreciation, from time to time, for the precious contribution they are making towards the society.

    In conclusion, educators need to be payed the due respect and consideration from every citizen of the country because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish our dreams.

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