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  • hari

    October 19, 2021 at 9:08 PM

    Psychoanalysts over a period of time have understood that colour can influence people’s thought processes. So, it is important to consider colour coding when adoring locations like offices and hospitals. I certainly believe that colour can boost one’s well being and work efficiency. Let me bolster my opinion with reasoning and examples. Finally, this essay ends with a brief opinion.

    To begin with, we often see the colour code in accordance with the tasks we carry out. The colour reinforces our ability to work in an impeccable manner. For instance, doctors wear a white apron so as to maintain focus since white is an “exemplar of peace” because the undeterred focus is inevitable to carry out complex operations with surgical precision. Imagine how would the doctor feel if he were to wear a dark red apron. Thus, the white colour aids doctors in enhancing their work efficiency.

    Secondly, some colours are deemed to have a healing effect owing to their impact on our mental health. Therefore, some private institutes are harnessing this concept to amlify people’s health. For example, Nowadays, we often see a green ambience in numerous yoga centres as green symbolises the power of healing. Therefore, the green colour has a synergistic effect apart from regular yoga. Hence, improving people’s health.

    Overall, when colours are appropriately chosen at workplaces and mental institutes they can unequivocally enhance overall work efficiency and mental well-being respectively. This essay has agreed with the statement and justified with relevant examples and opinions.

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