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  • Ashwani

    October 19, 2021 at 9:13 PM

    Observation regarding eye soothing color combinations of Work places and health care centre’s given by experts is not an overstatement. This essay agrees to this statement to a great extent as color combinations increase productivity while working in office environment and patients recuperate fast.

    Firstly, the predominant color provided by nature is green which has astonishing capabilities to heal peoples suffering from mental fatigue and physical trauma. That’s the reason most of the people in this world vacation in natural places for stress busting and expediting recovery from physical rigors. For instance, green color clothing is prevalent in hospital wards to give patients the same natural feel of experiencing the nature. Patients with cataract surgeries used to cover their eyes with same green color piece of clothes which mimics nature.

    Secondly, colors exhibit and amplify certain persona’s if used judiciously. Yellow color is conducive for creativity and exuberance. Blue color portrays trust, peace, loyalty and competence and white color is known for cleanness, simplicity and integrity. For example, the modern workplaces are painted in blue and white colors which greatly enhances workplace harmony and employee’s productivity.

    This essay concludes with this notion that using favorable color combinations at workplaces and hospitals have tremendous positive impact on people visiting and staying at these places for long hours. Hence, it enhances productivity at the workplace and help inmate’s in their speedy recovery.

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