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  • Mohit

    October 19, 2021 at 9:13 PM

    Many places , now a days , like: offices, hospitals and many others are being adorned by the colour patches. This is, according to many psychologist, because colours have a great impact on people’s thought process. Well , Do colours really have an impression upon the thoughts ? I , my self , am very much convinced that yes, they have.

    Colours , since inception, are being used to entice the people and silently motivate them to be more productive. This was illustrated further by a group of study in which a office space was painted with White colour, shaded with Pink. Upon observation of 6 months it was found that the productivity of the employee has been increased by 20 percent and the fuss, between the manager and worker has been reduced significantly. Therefore the colours therapy on human behavior is underscored.

    Furthermore, Same type of improvements were encapsulated in a hospital, when the roof of the hospital was painted with White colour , having stars pasted under it, and the wall was painted, specifically by Sky-Blue colour, and the flower pots were made settle along the walls. After 6 month it was noticed that the patient , admitted to these rooms , shown 150 percent increment in recovery and that too consuming a bit less medication. Thus the colour therapy again gets ground.

    Finally , Colour has an emotional effect on human being, and can motivate a person to not only improve his productivity, but also help to get rid of critical diseases. Hence , unequivocally the supreme effect of colours on human race is proclaimed.

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